STEM THE ART was founded by Katherine Wong, a current high schooler who is passionate about both STEM and arts education. In addition to being a writer and musician, Katherine is also extremely interested in academic subjects from biology to natural history. Growing up, Katherine recognized that most school curriculum addressed STEM and the arts as being completely separate topics. She was often met with the stigma that artists and scientists were polar opposites, and one couldn’t simultaneously be the other. Katherine also recognized these same standards being put against her brother, who is an aspiring musician and mathematician.


Despite the preconceptions, STEM has many applications within the arts. In 2019, STEM THE ART was founded to bring a unique outlook on STEM and arts education to young scholars. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, STEM THE ART taught monthly lessons at OCEAA, a TK-8 school in Santa Ana, CA, to encourage students to bridge their interests and approach learning from different angles. STEM THE ART also provided learning opportunities at local education centers including Discovery Cube Orange County. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, STEM THE ART has been working hard to provide to its surrounding communities. In addition to posting our curriculum to our website and curating tutorial videos for each of our activities, STEM THE ART has also been making and delivering distance learning packages to various locations. Each package contains the instructions and materials to a certain STEM THE ART activity and allows for hands-on interactive learning even when out of the classroom. These packages have been delivered to locations including hospitals, orphanages, and schools (accompanied with free meals).